Week – 1

The first week is almost done, and I’m discovering that this is deceptively time-consuming.  Not so much the cooking. Cooking is, weirdly, the least time-consuming part.  The time-consuming part is writing about the cooking.  And getting the food to hold still for the pictures.  I’m all, “You blinked again!  I counted down from three…And quit fussing, your lettuce looks fine.  Sheesh.” 

Also, although I will be $4.00 under budget for the week, (or so), I added up my tally on groceries, and it was $137.  Some of this was the gougy prices on Peapod.  But I used those prices as a guide for most of my breakdowns, unless I knew I regularly pay less somewhere else.  The $137 didn’t even include staples like vinegar, honey, and dijon.  It did include 1 bottle of red wine and 1 bottle of white.  I know.  Ye of little faith. You’re like, “What the hell – she just spent $140, and that’s just for the week” that you have to bear in mind that there are 6 scones left in the freezer, half a loaf of bread, 7 slices of apple cinnamon coffee cake, 2 kinds of frozen berries, 2 servings of fried chicken and 3 of biscuits, homemade mayonnaise, pesto, and caesar dressing to get through, carrots leftover, milk, etc.

This project is, by design, labor intensive up front to get variety.  Who wants to eat cranberry scones every morning for a week?  Ok, maybe you do, and if so, that’s cool.  They are delicious. But I’d rather eat one or two every week for a month, month and a half.  For every $137 bill I have, I’ll have 2 or 3 $40-50 bills. I know that $40-$50 even seems pricey for one person, but consider that even if I went to McDonalds and ate off their dollar menu every meal for a week, I could only get 2 items each time for $40.

I have tested all these recipes, and they are all delicious, although to varying degrees.  Least delicious was probably the orange souffle – I’ll work on it – because while it was tasty, it was eerily reminiscent of fruit loops.  The best so far was the pizza maybe.  Hot damn.  It was just as good cold.  So if you only try one recipe, I’d say that one is a good one to try.

I’m hoping that the posting gets easier now that I have a base started, but no promises.  It may take well over a month to get this “month-long” project logged.

Tomorrow is Easter.  Off to see the family and step away from the stove and computer.


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