Mac and cheese and orange chocolate souffle

Still trying to doctor that souffle recipe, with marginal success.  Got a decent chocolate souffle the other night that aspired to be a chocolate orange souffle.  But it didn’t have citrus notes.  I’ll keep trying.

Failed at making mac and cheese.  Failed. Twice.  Ok, the first one was creamy and pretty delicious, but white, instead of orange. 

Second one was grainy and inedible.  A waste of cheese.  But I will have a good recipe posted in the next week if I put ten pounds on trying.

There was obviously some time and money and cheese sacrificed to the cause which will not make it into the official tally.  In theory, if I had nailed it the first time, it would have been economical.

Sorry, cheese.  It’s not you.  It’s me.  You’re wonderful.


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