So Much Has Changed

It’s been a crazy year and change. I graduated culinary school. I left my job as Assistant Development Director at the synagogue where I was working while writing this blog. I took a job at a recreational cooking school, where I have been for the last year (and small change). I got a puppy. Belly.

My dog loves bows. What? She does. Don't hate. (I took them out after the picture, but I swear, she was disappointed)

I have literally had no time or energy to write. But I’m ready now to start writing again.

In working with a lot of great chefs, teaching a great deal of students (who also taught me), and experimenting with many regional cuisines, new ingredients, and new methods, I have changed my focus.

I still want to make great food on the cheap. The typical wages of a chef don’t support the culinary rock and roll life style we’d all like to live, so cheap is definitely the order of the day. However, I may not be able to spend the time to calculate costs/calories for each meal 3 times a day.

As I build my new blog – Cooksmarts– I will transfer information as relevant, and will hopefully complete the month-long project soon, but I’m going to need a lil’ more leeway and freedom for my new blog because, frankly, working in the actual culinary world is kicking my tired butt just a little bit.


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