So noone has actually asked these questions yet, but in anticipation…

Q. $10G, how in the hell do you have time for this?

A. I’m magic.   

Seriously, I make time.  I typically spend about 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours a day cooking – @ 1/2 in the morning, @ 1/2 hour to 1 hour at night. A better question is how do I have the patience?  The answer is that I have a television in the kitchen.  I’m also a fan of radio and audio books.

Q. This dirties an extraordinary amount of dishes.  How am I supposed to find time for that?

A. For the record, I don’t have a dishwasher.  I do ’em all by hand.  I motivate myself with bribery, plain and simple.  I don’t get dessert (even if I have made it) until all the dishes are done.  This will work on children and occasionally bedmates.

Q. Should you be rewarding yourself with food? Isn’t that unhealthy?

A. Sure is. That’s why I keep my food bribery to 1 detestable task.  Damn you, dishes.  Damn you to hell.  Someday, my dishwasher will come.

Q. You keep telling us to freeze things.  How do I find room for all this stuff? You must have a giant freezer, or it must be crowded as all get out!

A. Ding ding ding.  The answer is the latter, rather than the former.  This is my freezer: 

And now you know my dirty little secret – on nights when I absolutely can’t bear to cook, I keep TJ Orange Chicken on hand.  It’s delicious.

But as you can also see,  I have things organized in sections – Bread-like products in the upper right, meat in the lower right, ice cream in the middle, ice cubes on the upper left, bones and stock of various kinds on the lower left, frozen berries in the door, etc.

Q. Where do you find the room? You must have a large spacious kitchen, teeming with counter space, yes?

A. No.  I will not take a picture because the sink is full of dishes.  It’s not dessert time yet!  Maybe after dinner.   But I use my kitchen table for counter space, and some sturdy non-slip cutting boards.  I also bought one of those rolly carts at Target for $50.  It’s not going to win any beauty contests, but it houses my food processor and stand mixer just fine.

A friend also gave me a good tip of using butcher block – placing it on the stove for prep, and moving it to the side when cooking.  A good idea, but my kitchen table works for me.  If yours is too far away, you might consider the butcher block route.

Q. You keep directing us to measure 1/2 tsp butter, 1/2 tsp oil.  Do you really do that?

A. I used to.  I can eyeball it now with frightening accuracy. If you’re worried about your fat intake, you might want to measure until you get comfortable.

I’m big on trade offs.  If I go light on the oil, I can go heavy on the cheese.  If I have a low-fat smoothie one day, I can have buttered toast and an egg the next.  If you’re not worried about it, that’s cool.  Butter and vegetable oil are cheap, and you can use a heavy hand.

I feel most comfortable at a BMI of 20-21, so if I’m near 21, I ease up on the butter, oil, cheese, etc.  If I’m nearer to 20, I eat bacon like it’s going extinct.

Mmmm… bacon.


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