How to do it
  • Line a plate with little wooden skewers (you can use that small broiler thing that comes with the toaster oven if you want to be green, or you could even use a cooling rack with a plate under it if you have a lot of meat or just like overkill.) Don’t rest it straight on a plate or the few juices that do drip will wash the sear right off one side of the meat.  I’ve seen it happen.  To me. Not cool.
  • Place meat on skewers or draining contraption of choice
  • Tent with aluminum foil or a stainless steel bowl (stainless steel bowls can be had at WF for $5-10 and is my cookie mixing bowl of choice, garbage bowl of choice, whipped cream bowl of choice, and so on in that vein).
  • Walk away for 10 minutes.  5 is alright for smaller pieces of meat, but 10 is better and the metal cover will keep things warm.
Why resting is super important
It makes you less grumpy, it makes you look better, and you’ll live longer.
Seriously, the best analogy I’ve ever heard for it is from Alton Brown.  The meat is at its hottest right when you take it from the pan.  It’s like driving a car at 80 miles an hour.  You wouldn’t just slam on the breaks.  Bad things would happen.  Whiplash, the smell of burned rubber, drinks could be spilled, what have you.
First of all the carryover heat is still working its magic.  Best not to interfere. 
Also the juices are all poised waiting to rush out.  Those juices are tasty.  You have to wait until they relax, let their guard down, spread out and get all, “See? There was nothing to worry about.  We’re not being eaten.  No need to panic.  Let’s just all settle down.”  Then once they’re all comfortable and unsuspecting… pounce!

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