A word about Salt 



Okay, fine, a few more words by way of explanation

It’s easier to see on food, so you get an idea of how well you’re salting.
You can actually pinch it and sprinkle it.
It’s cheaper than sea salt.


Not iodized.  If you’re worried about goiters later in life, lobby the makers of kosher salt or eat more fish.  Just remember, table salt is never the solution.

Salt is Magic

Salt makes everything taste more like itself.  Think of mashed potatoes before you add any salt.  Tastes like a whole lot of nothing.  Add salt and suddenly, those taters taste like creamy, buttery, potatoey goodness.  Yeah, I said potatoey.  What would you say?  Potato-like?  Potato-ish? Potatoesque?  I’m running out of suffixes.

Don’t be afraid of Salt. 

The salt can smell fear.

Moreover, our bodies need salt to maintain water in our blood and to transmit electrical impulses, i.e. brain waves and heartbeat.

Salty is one of the four (arguably five) tastes we can detect.  We are hardwired to like salt because we need it to survive.

But I’m worried about my blood pressure…

I think it was Alton Brown that pointed out that the Japanese eat more salt than we do and have lower blood pressure.  Drink a lot of water.  Eat vegetables.  Meditate.  Stop eating processed foods, which account for the majority of the average American’s salt intake.
If you still have high blood pressure, then you can cut back on the salt.

In conclusion

Huzzah for Salt!

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