Wine prices

The prices on the site reflect Harthill Farms, or sale price on Quail Creek at WF. These are drinkable cooking wines, not good wines. I personally like $3 chuck at TJs, so if you have access to this, you’ll save a shiny nickel an ounce.

If shopping at Jewel, Golden Gate is fine for cooking. Most of their $5 and under wines are neither drinkable nor cookable.  Barefoot tastes like feet.  For real.  Or at least what I infer feet taste like from smelling them.  Not that I do that.  Ok, this is getting awkward.  Moving on…Livingston has a cheaper taste than golden gate.  Gato Negro is alright for cooking but is low to moderate on drinkability.

Yellow Tail is often just over that and is available pretty much everywhere. It comes in at $0.35 an ounce. I find it fairly drinkable.

What to cook with

Use what you like to drink is the best rule – but here’s a small, inadequate run down of why I choose what I choose.


  • Cabernet Sauvignon – dry, robust, complex my first choice. It can be described as having a “meatiness”.
  • Shiraz – medium, notes of mocha, raspberries, spiciness, also good.
  • Merlot – softer, sweeter, so it brings a sweet note.
  • Pinot Noir – I’m not a huge fan of the pinots so I don’t typically buy them. But they are described as medium, fruity, hints of earthiness and the oak they’re stored in.


  • Chardonnay – dry and crisp, this is what I cook with most
  • Sauvingnon Blanc – medium, it’s varied but often has hints of citrus
  • Pinot Grigio – medium, fruity. Again, don’t love drinkin’ em, so I don’t buy ’em for cooking.


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