Candy Spotted Apple

Candy Spotted Apples

1 apple – $0.42
1 tablespoon sugar – $0.03
2 tablespoons water

Total for recipe – $0.45 per serving
Calories: 76 Fat: 0 Protein: 0

Cut the apple. If you’re against the browning that comes with the apple oxidizing, keep in a bowl of water with a few drops of lemon juice in it while you ready the sugar.
In as small a pan you have combine water and sugar. Heat on medium high. Let heat. Do not stir.
Really, you don’t want to do that. Clumpy carmel is no apple’s friend.
It will start bubbling.
Wait until it’s just starting to turn amber. If you wait until it achieves a carmel color in the pan, it could go too far. Then it’ll have a smoky almost burnt flavor, which some favor, but I do not.
Turn off the heat.
Wait 20 seconds for it to come together.
Don’t touch it. For the love of God, don’t touch it. Sugar burns are the worst sort. Once hot sugar is on your skin, it’s not coming off unless your skin is going with it. Exceedingly painful, and kind of unattractive to boot.
Drain your apples if they’re in water while you’re waiting the 10 – 20 seconds for it to cool.
Once it’s started to cool and gel, gather it with a wooden spoon before it hardens and drizzle it on the apple. The cool apple will harden the carmel.
Still, don’t touch it for a minute.
Get water in the pan right away.
If you don’t, the carmel will stick. If it does stick, don’t fret. Are you fretting? Don’t. Put some water in the pan and boil it, and that will loosen the sugar.
But before that. Eat your crunchy candy spotted apple. Delicious. And fat free.


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