Eggs, Scrambled with Spinach, Onion, Tomato, and Parmesan

Servings – 1 (2 eggs with vegetables and cheese)

1 1/2 tsp onions, minced – $0.02
.75 oz spinach – $0.20
1/2 roma tomato – $0.22
2 eggs – $0.80 – depending on the kind of eggs. A word about Eggs
salt and pepper – $0.05
1 tsp cream – $0.04
1/2 tablespoon of butter – $0.05
1/2 ounce Parmesan, shredded – $0.56**

Total for recipe – $1.94 per serving (with organic eggs, the norm from here on in)
Calories: 360 Fat: 24.6 (18.8 if you use non-stick cooking spray instead of butter, and 306 calories) Protein: 20  

Put pan on a low burner.
Add onions and sweat for a minute.
Add spinach and salt.
When spinach has wilted, add tomatoes, turn heat to medium high for 30 seconds.
Reserve and rinse pan for eggs.
Beat eggs together with a whisk.
Put in 1 tsp cream and salt and pepper to taste (I use a literal pinch of salt per egg, and 2 pepper grinds).
Whip together.
Melt butter in pan until foaming.
Add eggs.
Let set around edges. Pull edges towards the middle with wooden spoon or heat resistant spatula. Let uncooked eggs run into the exposed parts of the pan. Repeat until they are almost done to your liking.
Add spinach mixture, top with cheese and cook until starting to melt.
Move to a hot plate and let the carryover finish cooking the eggs and melting the cheese.
Serve while warm.

**I use Belligioso, it’s tasty and affordable. Also, WF carries a Parmesiano Regganito which is only aged six months, so it’s less expensive and sweeter -a good compromise. Parmesan comes shredded for about the same price, but it has more flavor if you do it yourself each time you need it, and you can control the grate.

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