Day 1



Cranberry Scones, Scrambled Eggs, Navel Orange, and Coffee

Totals for breakfast -$2.75 (assuming organic cage-free eggs)

  Calories – 577  
 Fat  – 28.03 (43%)   

Protein – 17.75 (12%)       


Thin Spaghetti with Tomato Concassee (and Cream (optional))

Totals for lunch -$0.94

  Calories – 281  
 Fat  – 6.3 (20%)   
Protein – 7 (10%)       


Sirloin Steak with Red Wine Pan Sauce, Baby Spinach Salad with Balsamic Grilled Vegetables, and Rustic Apple Tart

Totals for dinner -$5.49

  Calories – 853  
 Fat  – 52.7 (56%)   
Protein – 42 (20%)    


TOTALS FOR DAY (with one 6 oz glass of red wine) -$10.45

  Calories – 1806  
 Fat  – 87.3 (44%)   

Protein – 66.75 (15%)     



A word on time management –

On Saturday morning, I make sourdough bread and one of the pastries for the week, like scones. Both of these can be frozen.

I have a sourdough starter, and while my morning coffee is brewing, I throw a loaf together in my kitchenaid mixing bowl. I let it autolyse (sit in the bowl to hydrate the flour before kneading) and have my coffee leisurely. When I’m done with my coffee, I put the bowl on the base of the kitchenaid, attach the dough hook, and let it knead for ten minutes while I grab the stuff for breakfast. The kneading can easily be done by hand. I just don’t because I don’t have to.

I let the loaf do its rising while I’m doing Saturday morning things. When it’s ready, I bake it. When it’s almost cool, I cut it into slices, slather one with butter for ‘eatin, and freeze the rest in a plastic bag for the week. If I take out a slice or two at a time, they come back beautifully, and there’s no waste. Lasts the whole week generally.

You do not need a starter.  You can do a french loaf without it.


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