Day 6 – Lunch

Grilled Pork and Pasta with Spinach Pesto

Grilled Pork

Servings – 1 4 oz chop

1 pork chop from yesterday*

Total for recipe – $1.01 per serving**
Calories: 137 Fat: 6.4 Protein: 19  

If you have access to an oven/toaster oven:

Preheat to 300.
Heat pork until just warmed through.
Cut into bite sized pieces and put on pasta. Or don’t. Either way.

If you only have access to a microwave:

Heat pasta first.
Meanwhile, cut pork into bite sized pieces.
Place on pasta.
Zap for 20-30 seconds.

* If you didn’t make it, it only takes a few minutes. Click on the recipe and follow through to resting the pork. Can be sauteed instead of grilled.
**As I’ve mentioned, I always find pork on sale. Maybe I’m just lucky that way. Chicken thighs would work fine. Chicken breasts would work fine. Cheese would work fine.

Pasta with Spinach Pesto

Serving – 1 serving of 2 ounces pasta (when dry) and 1 tablespoon Spinach Pesto

Pasta – $0.18
Spinach Pesto -$0.57
1/4 oz parmesan for garnish (about 1 1/2 tsp) – $0.30

Total for recipe – $1.05 per serving
Calories: 333 Fat: 13.8 Protein: 4.3  

Make pasta and spinach pesto.
Mix while hot.


Totals for lunch

Total for lunch – $2.06
Calories: 470
Fat: 20.2 (39%)
Protein: 23.3 (20%)


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