Day 10 – Dinner

Grilled Sage Chicken Breast with Hollandaise Butter, Mushroom Risotto, Grilled Asparagus,  and Chocolate Chip Cookie Pillars

I wish there was some more color on this plate. Maybe some chopped tomatoes? Something red…

Mushroom Risotto

Serving – about 1 cup

Total for recipe – $1.46 per serving
Calories: 313 Fat: 8.4 Protein: 10  

I start this risotto first. Recipe here.
When the rice has been cooking about 10 minutes, I put on the chicken and asparagus. That way the chicken has time to rest (it cooks in 3 minutes), the asparagus has time to finish, and everything can be served at once.

*This price reflects homemade stock, since I just made it yesterday. If you’re using storebought, add $0.40

Grilled Sage Chicken Breast

Servings – 1/2 breast with 1 tablespoon hollandaise butter

Total for recipe – $0.68* per serving
Calories: 191 Fat: 9.23 Protein: 25

I make both of the halves of the grilled sage chicken breast, so I have one for lunch tomorrow.
I made the hollandaise on Saturday, and it resolidified in my fridge. Using it on Monday did not make me sick.
This does not mean it’s safe.
Do what you think is best.
I do not, do not, officially endorse this. But I’m not going to lie, it was tasty and went well with the sage.

*The cost of the hollandaise butter was already figured into breakfast on Day 8, with the assumption it couldn’t be held. If you want to make hollandaise from scratch, add $1.04 to this.

Grilled Aparagus

Servings – 4-5 stalks

Total for recipe – $1.08 per serving
Calories: 47 Fat: 3.5 Protein: 2

I love asparagus in springtime.
Grilled Asparagus.
I do not have the gene to smell its rather unusual side effect. Only about 22% of the populace does. I’m not sure if I’m better off or not, but I was kind of disappointed when I found out. One night, I ate 10 stalks trying to find out.

Raspberry Cookie Pillars

Servings – 2 cookies with 1 tablespoon raspberry cream

Total for recipe – $0.30 per serving
Calories: 201 Fat: 10.1 Protein: 1.7

No need to make the big production of this like I did. You can just make a cookie sandwich, by reheating this Cookie Dough at 350F for 12 minutes (or making it from scratch), and whipping a tablespoon of cream with a sprinkle of sugar and a thawed frozen raspberry, then layering.
I chose to cut out little rounds and stack them because they look you’re getting more to eat than you are, and also because there’s a second grade charm in squishing these cookies before you eat them.
Yeah, I know.
If growing up entails acting like I don’t like to do this, well I just refuse to do it.


Totals for meal

Total for dinner – $3.52
Calories: 758
Fat: 31.2 (37%)
Protein: 38.7 (20%)


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