Day 8 – Breakfast

Eggs “Bacon-ict” and Coffee

Today’s grocery shopping day, so I’ll need my strength. I start by putting a pot of water with a few inches on to simmer. No, it’s not for the…


Serving 2 slices

Total for recipe – $0.44 per serving
Calories: 70 Fat: 6 Protein: 4  

I bake mine. I would do it in the toaster oven for this, but if you don’t have one, the conventional oven at 350F works fine.
Stretch foil over the top of the pan, poke holes to let the fat drain, then bake to desired crispness.
Takes about 5-10 minutes in the toaster oven, 15-20 in the conventional.
Drain on paper towels.
Cut the bacon in half to go on bread.


Servings – 4 1 ounce servings (@ 2 tablespoons a serving)

1 tablespoon White Wine Vinegar (Champagne vinegar will work, or even white vinegar if nothing else is available) $0.09
2 teaspoons water
1 Egg yolk – $0.40
3/4 teaspoon lemon juice, divided. $0.10
4 tablespoons of butter, melted. – $0.40
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper to taste* $0.05>

Total for recipe – $1.04** per serving
Calories: 116 Fat: 12.7 Protein: .75  

When the pot of water has reached a simmer, combine the vinegar, water, and egg yolk in a stainless steel bowl (or small pot you can put on a double boiler).
Place the bowl over the pot of boiling water, whipping the mixture continuously with a wire whisk. As the egg yolk cooks, the mixture will thicken.
When the mixture is frothy and starting to thicken, remove the bowl from the double boiler. Do not overcook the yolk.
Whisk in 1/2 teaspoon of the lemon juice to stop the cooking.
Add the butter a few drops at a time, whisking constantly to form an emulsion.
Once the emulsion has formed, you can add the butter in a thin stream.
Continue until all the butter is incorporated.
Whisk in the remaining lemon juice, and adjust the seasonings.
If the sauce is too thick – it should be thick but pourable, add hot water to thin. The water must be hot, otherwise the butter will reform in the sauce and it will become chunky.

* If you have white pepper, use that. If you don’t, don’t worry about it. Purely an aesthetic thing. Tastes the same.


**The problem with hollandaise is that you can’t really hold it. And it’s not really feasible to do it with less than one egg yolk. So this is a good meal to impress guests.
You can, in fact, keep it in the fridge as you would mayonnaise, but unlike the oil in mayonnaise, the butter solidifies again. Then it basically becomes a tangy butter. I have no idea if this is safe, except to say that I didn’t get sick and I don’t know why egg yolk in butter in the fridge would be more perishable than in the shell. However, I cannot officially endorse this. Do what you feel is best.

Poached Egg

Serving – 1 egg

1/2 tsp salt – $0.01
1 tablespoon vinegar – $0.04 (white is fine)
1 egg $0.40

Total for recipe – $0.45 per serving
Calories: 70 Fat: 4.5 Protein: 6

If the water in the double boiler is boiling, bring it down to a simmer (do not boil unless you dig the taste of sulfur).
Add the salt and vinegar.
Crack egg into a cup and carefully add it to the water. You can add it directly to the water if you’re not concerned about how it looks.
Cook the egg to desired doneness, about 3 to 5 minutes.
Remove from the water with a slotted spoon.
If you don’t want to serve them at the moment, you can keep them in ice water in the fridge for about a day.

Sourdough Toast

Servings – 1 piece of bread

Total for recipe – $0.15 per serving
Calories: 113 Fat: .3 Protein: 3.25

No need to defrost if frozen. Can go straight from freezer to toaster oven while the bacon is draining.
If want to bake this – recipe here. It will take a few hours though.
Any bread you have laying around will work for this recipe, though I like sourdough best for this. You could even go without bread, but I soft poach my eggs and need something to sop up the yolk and hollandaise at the end.


Servings – 1 cup

Total for recipe – $0.42 per serving
Calories: 55 Fat: 3 Protein: 0


Totals for breakfast

Total for breakfast – $2.50
Calories: 424
Fat: 26.5 (56%) I know, stunning, but it will definitely keep you full until lunch.
Protein: 14 (13%)



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